Thing you should know about the API before you use it.


Some endpoints in the API require authorization. This authorization is provided by the Authorization header in the request. If you are using a user token, use it as the value in the header only.

Base URL

The API has undergone many revisions that change the data sent which requires a new base URL to prevent breaking any existing services that are accepting old formats. Always try to keep up to date with the latest revision as any previous revision may go out of service at any time.
Base URL
Deprecated (major endpoints functional)

Body Data

The API will always reply with JSON as the content type. We will never send in any other format. If you receive a reply with any other encoding, you should ignore the data and assume the request was not successful.

Error Handling

When a request is not successful, the server will reply with a status code respectively. The body data should contain a hint as to why the request did not succeed. The errors property will always be present as an array of strings.
"errors": [


If you require any more assistance with API usage, please feel free to join the Discord server.