Rate Limits

Everything you need to know about rate limits.

Rate Limits

All endpoints in the API are rate limited, meaning that the amount of requests that you can complete within a time frame is limited. This system is in place to prevent a DDoS attack or general spam. When you hit a rate limit, the server will respond with 429 Too Many Requests. The headers of the response will contain information about when you can send more requests. The entire API has a rate limit of 10 requests/second, with a burst of 25 requests.

Good Practices

It is always recommended that you only send a request when necessary. Limiting the number of requests that you send will prevent spam of the API and prevent a temporary ban of the API. If you run a Discord bot, it is recommended that you update your bot page server count after every 5 new servers that your bot joins.

Large Scale Services

Some services may require extended rate limits or even removal of the limit altogether. If you believe that your service may need a larger rate limit quota and have a good reason to do so, you may request a removal by contacting a staff member through Discord. https://discord.gg/GjEWBQE